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.Net Solutions
siplnet Customer Relationship Management
Web Based Applications
siplnet E-Contact Consolidated BILLER, WEB BASED BILLING Solution used by AT&T.
It prepares call detail bills, inter-department charges, and data warehouse records for a large variety of voice services. It import call detail (25 million records p.m.) and process it in the current system provided from internal sources.
The various billing information is processed on a cost-plus basis and then used to produce detailed call/service invoices, general ledger transactions and external interface accounting records to be used by different departments.
  • Front end Tools - ASP, XML, Java Script/VBScript, HTML
  • Middle Ware Tools – VB 6.0, Delphi 6.0
  • Web Server – IIS
  • Database - SQL Server 2000
  • Client - US based company
siplnet CSSM (Customer Support & Services Management)
Web based application to provide business solutions to users to support and management of their clients, dealers and products. It is equipped with many features such as mail, messages, document handling, etc.
siplnet Document Template Wizard
Support management of documents and is designed to be used in Internet and Intranet environment.
DCOM Applications
siplnet TeleSECURITY
This is the security maintenance application. This product work on DCOM technology allowing the client to centrally store all the valid user information and allow defining and manipulating the user access to the system. Support addition of multiple applications in it. Support User, User Groups and Group based permissions. Client - US based company.
siplnet TeleALARM
This is an alarming system application developed for TeleCOM companies. This product work on DCOM technology allowing the client to keep centrally all the alarm functions. At present the system is developed to maintain alarms for call accounting and call records. Client - US based company.
TCP/IP Applications
siplnet CONDUIT
The Conduit is three-way switch (Conduit Server) between three web servers. The switch part is the server part and the extensions are the client part. The switch itself acts as server for all three systems and the systems act as clients to the switch. Client - US based company.
  • Environment - Visual Basic 6.0 (Developed on TCP/IP technology), MS-Access
  • Client - US based company.
siplnet Chat
This is chat project suited for small business house. Small Business houses can integrate their clients and users in this project. The system is based upon a server which has to run on the client network. Client utility can be freely distributed to your customers.
Client Server Applications
siplnet TeleCOST
The product is used to import call details from text files or scanned telephone bill. Provide facility to manipulate calls and its costs. Client - US based company.
siplnet TeleDEPARTMENT and Reports Manager
It is used by large organizations to configure different sites, departments, and cost centers. The system is integrated with the call accounting project to enable cost division for calls. Have vivid range of reports in it. Client - US based company.
siplnet Support Call Monitoring System
siplnet Integrated Production Solution
siplnet Advertisement Booking System
siplnet Restaurant Management System
siplnet On-Line Banking Systems
siplnet Payroll Processing System
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